Today our little Eliza turned 4! We had a great day. Eliza and I waited for Jake to come home from work (he gets home around 1:30 p.s.) and we all had cake for lunch at our favorite coffee house. I can’t believe that’s what she wanted to do.

We then went to T-Rex, which is heavily themed and has animatronic dinosaurs all over the place.

Eliza's Birthday

We got there every year for her birthday. Very cool.

T-Rex Resturant

We took way more pictures of the dinosaurs last year. Here’s the scrapbook page from last year’s T-Rex birthday schabang.

Eliza's 3rd B-day

This year, she was lavished with gifts, including this super cute handmade chef’s outfit. Thanks Aunt Jen!

Handmade chef outfit

Eliza also got to add another Build-a-Dino to her collection. It’s like Build-a-Bear, but with dinosaurs. We like science!



We (Jake and I) made Eliza some handmade gifts too. We’ll share them as soon as we can get a good lighting day around here. The weather has been all gloom and doom 🙁

We’re also throwing a hedgehog themed party next week for Eliza’s friends. Stay tuned for the cutest party EVER!!!