Here’s your shot!

We’re going to be doing a blog makeover over the next couple of days, so get ready for a new nerd nest design! We’ll also FINALLY have a button so you can spread the nerd love over at your blog.

And now for the most exciting part…

Since we’re still a little blog, we decided to GIVE AWAY our featured sponsor spots for the second half of November and the whole of December. This is the busiest buying season of the year, so having your business or blog featured will surely help get you some great exposure!

So here’s the break down. To be considered for our free featured sponsor spots for November and December you must:

-Be willing to put something awesome into the giveaway pot! We want to do a cool sponsor showcase/giveaway the first week of December.

-E-mail us your info using the contact button on our banner. We need to know your name and the links to your blog and/or your shop!

-Send us the code to your ad/widget. The widget needs to be sized 200 x 80 pixels or 200 x 170 pixels. (If you don’t have an ad/widget/button, ask us about designing one for you).

That’s all folks! The spots are based on a first come, first serve basis. So be sure to e-mail us fast! We’ll tell you when entries are closed.