I was sick today, so I didn’t get much of anything done. I wasted my time snoozing, taking bubble baths (yes, as in “baths” plural), snuggling our kitty and reading. The only semi productive thing I did all day was knit.

I took a Photo Booth photo of me “scared” of knitting needles for fun.

Because I’m horrible at it. Really.

I’ve been trying to learn how to knit so that I can follow this amazing arm warmer tutorial from RVA. Holly made them and they look like this:

I’m not quite there yet. I’ve only got the knit stitch down, the purl stitch is still beyond my grasp. So I’m making a blobby scarf to practice the knit stitch before I start tackling the RVA tutorial.

If I ever become an ultra-amazing knitter, I’d like to make some things inspired by the following:

This beautiful sweater Silje made is so inspiring!!! I love that knit things can be SOOO cute and also super functional. Her whole Knit Flickr Set is amazing; check it out!

My favorite Etsy knitter is hands down Miss Indie. I love her shop and bought these from her the moment I saw them:

They are so cosy! I’d love to have pretty much everything for her shop. Someone buy me this for Christmas, please.

My absolute favorite knit thing, however, is a funky beanie that I got at a thrift store for a dollar.

I’d like to make one of these for every day of the year. I’d like to hold on to fall as long as I can before the REALLY cold weather comes, but I think I’m ready to start wearing my collection of knitted apparel. Are you rocking knits yet?