Want to see our loft?

Okay, so we can’t exactly give you a house tour. Jake’s a modern minimalist, but I like cluttered and eclectic. It’s a little hard to balance. We’re still getting the details worked out; it’s not awesome enough yet to give you the big picture. But we CAN show you some of my favorite details. How ’bout it?

First up, our workspace:

We love that everything is exposed. Though this big pipe can be a pain when it comes to arranging furniture, we think it looks pretty darn cool. What’s even cooler? It’s a perfect spot for a little Eliza art and a sconce full of buttons :)

My favorite thing in our office is this vintage aqua file holder. It’s perfect to stash extra cords, calculators, staplers, etc.

Plus, it comes with a cute story. Jake and I were at an antique/vintage shop and I showed him this and told him I loved it. He told me he hated it. But the next morning I woke up and it was under our printer :) He sneaked out to get it while I was sleeping. That’s love.

Okay, you caught me. Sometimes I use the vintage stuff in our shop until someone snatches it. Product testing, right? You can find this awesome wire basket here. It’s perfect for my yarn stash.

And now for the dining room. I mean, I guess it’s a dining room. There’s a kitchen table there. But there’s also our couch. I’m not really sure. Anyways, here are some details:

One of our very many book cases. There are books in EVERY room of our loft. This is also one of the many pieces of furniture my super talented grandpa has made for us. And yes, that’s a didgeridoo strung to the side. Jake has all sorts of weird musical talents.

A close up of Jake’s robotic arm and part of our record collection.

Seven inch records, my book mini, an “A” block that was an extra surprise in a package from Sunny Day Vintage and some of our favorite children’s lit. books.

Here’s what our print from rosie music looks like framed. And my spot for a “featured” scrapbook page. I should have done a close up, but this is us using the natural architecture again. There are some bolts sticking out of the wall. I tied a string to them and hang pages from the string with a tiny clothes pin.

We’re hanging these here until they find a new home.

And a little peak into our bedroom:

I LOVE these floating bookshelves. I only put my favorite books into our bedroom. That’s Teddy on top of one of the stacks. He belonged to my mom when she was little and now he’s mine :)

Everyone needs a spot for hats and bags. These totes are as close to purses as I get.

This bulletin board was marked “Free” in the stairwell of our building. I’m going to do something fabulous with it once I find the darn masking tape. And the magazine rack? Why, yes, that is just a piece from Eliza’s old crib! I like the his and hers headphones too.

Our bedroom art. This isn’t how it will be hung eventually, but we just wanted to use existing nails until we knew for certain where we wanted everything. The yellow embroidery hoop and the teddy bear print are from Red Velvet Art and I made the other two using a kit from elsiecake.

Our CD Collection.

Our most masculine typewriter :) It’s a Smith Corona Sterling.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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