Our Halloween was crazy. After trick-or-treating across the street at the City Market in the morning, we drove to visit SEVEN relatives! Jake and I both have split up parents, so there are four grandparent sets + great-grandparent sets to visit.

It’s not surprising that we forgot to take photos until the last stop when it was already dark; so they didn’t turn out very good.

Eliza made the cutest giraffe ever:

Eliza dictated that I should be a princess. I was sort of embarrassed about it, so there aren’t any good pictures.

She got a ridiculous stash of candy. Jake traded it with the neighborhood kids on Eliza’s behalf. It was so cute to see them bartering. For example 3 Smarties + one box of Nerds = 1 Almond Joy + 1 Kit Kat. We have a better variety now :)

Other than the rushing around, we enjoyed Jake’s parent’s Halloween set-up. They have the spookiest house in their neighborhood. It’s insane. They have loud, spooky music, flashing lights, an air-compressor, and Bob, the dummy on a pulley. He pops up to scare the teens :)

Eliza is a little obsessed with Bob. She was scared of him last year. By her birthday (which is in January) she kept telling everyone that she was excited to turn three because she wouldn’t be afriad of Bob anymore after she turned three. She would tell people in the grocery store and the mailman. These people would get very confused. She was happy to prove her bravery this year. She spent a good deal of her time telling the trick-or-treaters that they shouldn’t be afraid of him because he’s just pretend.

So that was our Halloween. We’d love to hear about yours! While you tell us, you can listen to our November playlist for today’s Music Monday. It’s very mellow and is a little (a lot) on the emo side. There’s a great mix of old and new songs though. Oh, and one of the artists on the list, Jeremy Larson, is offering a free download of one of his new songs. Check it out!

November Songs by Megan Anderson on Grooveshark

Don’t forget to tell us about your Halloween! Give us links to your blog/etsy too. And tell us if you like the playlist. Man, we’re getting demanding.