I finally convinced Jake to let me commandeer his portable safe for the Dream Craft Kit project for the RVA Autumn class.

My argument is that portable safes are silly. They have their uses, but if someone was going to steal important things from us and didn’t know how to pick locks, they could just think to themselves, “How convenient that all of the valuables are stored in one place for me! Well I’ll just take this home and I’ll figure out how to open it later.”

Okay, so I’m sure that a thief wouldn’t think exactly that, but you get the point.

Now the safe will keep our walls safe from Eliza art :)

She’s so exited to have her very own pretty art box that she didn’t even realize that it keeps her locked from her supplies. Parental supervision now officially required.

We spray-painted the safe (which used to be gray). This RVA post by Rachel Denbow about revitalizing & spray painting thrifted metal boxes was very helpful. Then I painted some telephone lines and added some pink vinyl birds and “ART” letters. I also did a little painting on the side… but it didn’t turn out so great. I added the framed “ART” letters to the side to cover up my ooops.

I really loved making this holder for Eli’s markers to go inside the box. The tutorial for this originally used paint brushes as the content and felt as the material. It was also originally hand-stitched. I thought that this flannel-machine stitched version would be more toddler-proof.

The next step will be to glam up the small shoe box that we use for Eliza’s crayons.

What have you been creating lately?