I hadn’t scrapped in a while… it was great to get elbow deep in paper and glue! I’ve notice a definite shift in my style. If you look at my old pages, you can definitely see a shift towards more simple pages over time. I love how simple and bold these turned out!

Jake’s the photographer in the family, but I’ve been improving vastly in my photography and editing skills. I decided to make a page documenting my growing snapper skills!

We noticed in the page above that you can usually tell which one of us is taking the picture. I favor putting the focus on the right, while Jake usually puts the subject on the left. The title is taken from a note Jake sent me here.

We love taking walks down buy our pier. The sunset over the 169 bridge is so beautiful!

Last but not least, a page with my new very favorite picture of Eliza. I used some of my favorite vintage buttons in the scallops.

What have you been crafting lately?