So Megan was visiting the Antique store AGAIN… and I wasn’t allowed in because I had a backpack on. So while Megan was in the store looking for the next big thing, I walked back home, dropped off the bag, and picked up my trusty camera!

I then set off on an adventure with one goal in mind; Walk to some place (or multiple places) where I have never been before. I believe they call this exploring… lol. I took over 50 photos, of anything and everything. Below are some of my favorites with a little explanation as to why they’re in my favorites:

For some reason, this bridge struck me as unique. I like the interesting curves in the photo, and a little mystery as to where the “under the bridge road” goes.

This is the Folgers Coffee Plant. Man does it smell like roasting coffee. There were some other shots of it as well, where you could see the steam rising from the sidewalk, however, I liked this one because it is in B&W. (I don’t like to edit my photos. I could’ve, however, turned one of my color photos to B&W).

This is crazy cool! I was strolling along, when out of know where, in the middle of a huge city, I find a “re-natural” environment. The sign clearly states not to enter the area, however, if you look closely, there is graffiti on the very back wall 🙁

I love this one for the lighting. The harsh shadows are not always wanted, however, on this particular photo, they were very much appreciated.

This is a random sidewalk. I like it for the city beautification. Makes everything seem “ritzier” than it really is.

I love this photo, again, for the amazing color. I found a setting on the camera that will let me increase the saturation of color, which allowed me to capture the bright red brick, and the royal blue sky! The gargoyle is awesome as well. I believe these are lofts!

This is the Antique shop that Megan is in love with. She finds lots of great deals here. There are 4 floors, all jam-packed with antiques. (It is hard to walk in some areas of this store). It is a unique store, though, because the store owner doesn’t own all of the items. Individual sellers rent space to sell their items, and the building owner collects the money for them. It’s like an old fashioned hands on ebay.

This is the alley on the side of the Antique store. It is pretty common to find brick roads, especially in the alleys.

Perhaps my favorite photo of the lot. When I take photos, I’m always looking for a way to add in an artistic spin. In this particular photo, I was inspired by the red brick. To me, it is almost as if the building is bleeding. This photo quickly became known as “The Bleeding Building”.

Another view of “The Bleeding Building”. And just as an FYI, this is the same building from above where I mentioned that I loved the lighting on it (with harsh shadows).

This is me, walking on a median, on top of a bridge, with I-70 underneath me. Super cool, and a little crazy. The cars are so far down, and moving so fast, that it makes me a little dizzy sometimes. Fear not though, there is a fence to keep me from falling on to the highway below. (I imagine I had some of you going there for a minute, lol)

This is another shot of me on the bridge. I wasn’t sure which one I liked better, so I decided to throw them both up…

After this photowalk, I felt very relaxed. It was nice to get out on my own, do something artful, and observe the city in which I live. If you have never been to Kansas City, I would highly recommend it!