We love you Jake! Happy Birthday!

We needed to take a special time out to wish the better half of nerd nest a very happy birthday.

Here’s my love letter to Jake:

I love you more than scrapbooking and knitting and old books and getting published and golden grams and lofts and the city and the pier and tattoos and records and vintage shops and industrial stuff and globes and files and organization and books and computers and Apples and blogs and RVA and etsy and old comforters and libraries and James Dean and The Little Prince and Chuck Palahnuik and sewing and toys and kid movies and Donnie Darko and cupcakes and butterflies and kitty cats and funny you-tube videos and twitter and nerds and punk rock and Striaght Edge and poems and swimming and soccer and hockey and games and felt and pumpkins and coffee and lattes and quiet and handmade and words and notes and e-mails and goals and music and play lists and CDs and ipods and magic mouses and honey crisp apples and tea with milk and honey and back massages and playing hooky and school and learning and trees and woods and lakes and rivers and boats and sailing and surfing and beaches and California and plane rides and snowboarding and mountains and old barns and photography and vintage filters and Photoshop and art and museums and history and pictures and label makers and buttons and the smell when it rains and sunsets and sunrises and sunggling and A’s and babies and chicken tiki and Jack Johnson and magical moments.

You are everything to me.

Happy birthday,

Love Meg

Eliza says she loves Daddy more than candy and Play Doh and kitty cats and books and ‘puters and raspberries and the City Market and princesses and games and Halloween.

Here’s our most recent family portrait. I think we’re cute together 🙂

And now for our Handmade/Vintage Nerd Gift Guide!!!
First, I’ll share some of the things I got Jake for his birthday.

I love everything by rosiemusic, but I especially LOVE her cute couples. This Computer Love Ltd Edition Wood Print looks like it was custom made for Jake and I. There’s no better way to celebrate our nerd love. If you have a nerd love too, I’m sure that you can find one that looks just like you! There are reading lovers and music lovers too.

Frank Chimero is wicked talented. And who can resist this nerd glasses shirt? It’s SO Jake.

Note: Frank’s website is down for maintenance right now, we’ll edit this post with more goodies and links later.

And I couldn’t resist this by Chikabird Inc. Mostly because our song is “Bubbletoes” by Jack Johnson. You know, the one that goes “move like a jellyfish”? My first tattoo was a jellyfish, so I thought Jake would like to be a cool kid too 🙂 This would also be great for a science nerd. You should also check out the Record Stack Notebooks in this shop. Awesome.

Need more nerd items? Check out the we just created!

Links: 1. MODERA 2. barkingbirdart 3. PeriwinkleDzyns 4. michelemaule 5. inkihandmade 6. rosiemusic 8. LoveLeeSoaps 9. tsurubride 10. theangryrobot 11. ethanollie 12. craftyfolk 13. elsiecake 14. frecklednest 15. diffractionfiber 16. onelatenight

If you can’t find something perfect for the nerd on your holiday shopping list in this post, don’t worry. There will be more to come.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some Halloween goodness. Until then, have you discovered any great nerdy finds lately?