I have never finished a vacation mini this soon after coming home. Ever. In fact, I still need to finish our Chicago album from 2007. But this was super fast because I used one of our pre-made record minis.

The ones in the shop use Love, Elsie: Roxy paper, but I used paper from an Autumn Leaves paper pad for mine:

Since my album and patterned papers were already taken care of, all I needed to do for this album was print my photos to size. I decided to completely cover the white backs to each piece of patterned paper with a photo. This meant I had to print my photos out as 3.5”x7”. I’m not sure how to do this in other programs, but it’s pretty easy in Photoshop. I cropped all of my photos down to 3.5”x7”, then used the Picture Package function to print two photos off per 8.5”x11” page. To do this go to File, Automate, then Picture Package. Choose page size 8”x10” and Layout (2)5”x7”. If you’d like more info on how to use Picture Packages, go to this tutorial. Printing off the photos and trimming them was definitely the longest part of this process.

After printing and trimming my photos, I took apart my mini by prying apart the spirals slightly and taking the pages out. I then glued a photo to the back of each page and used a hole punch to punch holes out of the photos in the proper places, using the holes in the patterned paper as a guide.

I then put the book back together, squeezing the spirals shut again so the pages won’t come loose. All that was left to do was add the journaling and a few embellishments!

I then typed all of the journaling on this beauty. That counts as product testing, right? The reviews I’ve read on this model raves about how easy it is to type on. It did not disappoint. I drove Jake a little crazy with all of my clacking though.

The album measures 7”x3.5” closed, so I cut patterned scrapbooking paper into 3” strips before I typed my journaling. This way I didn’t have to worry if my journaling lines would be too long for the album. You can also do this with a computer and a printer, obviously.

I was surprised that I got all of my journaling (including mistypes) on one sheet (4 strips) of 12×12 scrapbooking paper. Also, note that the paper is light in color and the pattern is subtle. This ensures that the type will be viable.

I then cut the journaling into strips or paragraphs, varied for visual interest, and glued the strips on the patterned paper side of my album.

I decided to be minimalistic with the establishments, which is rare for me. I wanted the photos and the journaling to take the front stage, so I limited myself to two sticker sheets.

Here’s the album in full:

You might want to view this mosaic to see it larger.

Hope you like the album! If you have any questions (or suggestions) be sure to let us know with a comment below.

Ooops. That ryhmed!