As I told you yesterday, I recently answered the American Crafts contributing design team call. I thought I’d share my entries. I’ve been working diligently on them, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been sharing many pages lately. I’ll have lots more goodies to share next week as well.

American Crafts Supplies: Passing Notes Paper (34643)-Teen, Talent Show Paper (34633)-Teen, Adventurous Paper (34620)- Moda Bella, Dazzling Paper (34604)-Moda Bella, Catwalk Phrases (43310), Catwalk Accents (43308), Details Fashion Max (78010), Thickers Vera Accents Taffy (42935), Thickers Chit Chat White (42902), Remarks Sotheby’s Letter Stickers (42454), Blah, Blah, Blah Flair (70015)-Teen

First, here’s a page about Jake’s lovely cousins, Annie and Melissa. They have such a fun and funky style, so I had to make a page to match.

American Crafts Supplies: Snap Paper (34702)-Backyard, Tweet Paper (34687)-Backyard, Shade Journaling Book (42542)-Backyard, Picnic Flair (70021)-Backyard, Smile Flair (70007)-Everyday, Thickers Chit Chat Grapefruit (42908), Thickers Chit Chat Chestnut (42901), Precision Pen 01 (62301)-Black

This photo was taken about a week ago, but I had to scrap it immediately. How cute is Eliza? She seriously is my sunshine.

American Crafts Supplies: Ruth Buttonham Paper (34725)-Craft Fair, Lola Threadgood Paper (34726)-Craft Fair, Splish Paper (34699)-Backyard, Head Cheerleader Paper (34638)-Teen, Ribbon (93023)-Everyday 1, Tunes Flair (70014)-Teen, Shade Journaling Book (42542)-Backyard, Fine-Tipped Slick Writer (62003)-Red

I also made this cute little card. I couldn’t resist the “hi” “hiya” “hello” ribbon.

This photo is a little blurry. It says “I’ve missed you SEW much! Just wanted to say hello!” I thought it was funny, with the thread and all.

American Crafts Supplies: Debate Team Paper (34642)-Teen, Talent Show Paper (34633)-Teen, Chess Club Paper (34634)-Teen, Drill Team Paper (34637)-Teen, Homeroom Paper (34640)-Teen, Honor Roll Paper (34632)-Teen, Homecoming Queen Paper (34638)-Teen, Head Cheerleader Paper (34628)-Teen, Driver’s Ed Paper (34636)-Teen, Ribbon (93027)-Everyday 2, Fash Max Details (78010), Catwalk Phrases (43310), Blah, Blah, Blah Flair (70015)-Teen, Tunes Flair (70015)-Teen, Sweet (70013)-Teen, Thickers Platforms Letter Stickers (42813), Remarks Sotheby’s Letter Stickers (42454), Shade Journaling Book (42542)-Backyard, Precision Pen 01 (62301)-Black Other Supplies: Chipboard, Duct Tape

My favorite thing, however, has to be this mini. I’ve been saving this teen paper for the perfect project. I’ve saved most of my concert tickets from high school and a lot of the local concert fliers. This mini is the perfect home for all of my concert memories! I made the covers and the spine using scrap chipboard and used colored duct tape (my new favorite thing) to bind it together. I punched holes in the center of scored pages and the spine and bound the pages to the book with ribbon.

I left spaces for journaling. I’ve always kept a journal, so I have about 20 composition notebooks to look through. I want to add in authentic memories. I also have about half of the pages left so that I can add to it as I go to more concerts!

While I figure the chances of making it onto AC’s DT are pretty slim, it was worth entering just to make these projects! I’ve been planning the music mini for some time, and this was just the push I needed.

I’m off to write a few more final papers for my summer classes. Yuck, I know. Especially considering I’m on vacation right now. In other news, my 22nd birthday is Thursday! I’ll be back to post some photos then.