I’m really getting into the summer mood! I wish it wasn’t so muggy here in KC, but it’s nice that swimming weather is here. Eliza is even going out on the boat with her Papa Timmy tomorrow.

In celebration of summer, I thought I’d share some of my older (but new to you) summer pages.

I made the title by stamping the letter outlines with acrylic stamps, coloring in the centers of the letters with crayons, and adding Diamond Glaze to the top for an epoxy look. I thought it added a youthful feel.

Eliza was about 18 months in this picture. She was totally in love with the baseball. She wouldn’t even look up from the game to eat cotton candy. This is surprising, as Jake and I don’t watch sports at all. I’m guessing sports love sometimes skips a generation?

The alien is my favorite part. I made him from scratch. Tip: American Crafts Slick Writers work very well for outlining if you are going to use watercolors; they don’t run.

In other news, this is what has been happening in my life lately.

This girl:

came to KC two weekends ago and I drove back to Denver to spend the week with her.

We got to eat at Tokyo Joe’s, which I highly recommend.

We also got to see these guys:

We also saw these guys, but we were pretty bummed that they were the headliners.

As if all of that isn’t awesome enough, Jake and I also got to go to this tonight:

The name was stupid, but the concert was as good as it gets as far as free shows go.