Here’s my stab at the current challenge up at Got Mojo?:

The challenge is to a) make a page about your imaginary friend (or ideal one, if you don’t have one) and b)use an animal crackers box for inspiration.

I didn’t have an imaginary friend, so I decided to make a page about why I didn’t have one… I had books instead! I love to read, and characters in books have always been sort of like imaginary friends to me. The photo corner in the top left of the page and the half circles at the bottom are thanks to the animal crackers box.

Just in case you’re wondering and can’t read my handwriting… the dinosaur at the bottom of the page is because I read pretty much nothing but dinosaur books when I was little. I read every single book in my elementary school’s library and my mom always made me get one non-dino book for every two dino books at the library. As can be seen in previous posts, I’ve passed the dinosaur love onto little Eliza…