The inspiration vacation extra pages for January are due today! To help you with that extra push to get it done, here’s the pages for the class along with their fab inspiration pieces. And hey, if you didn’t do the January Inspiration Vacation class, then maybe this will inspire you to check out February’s CD Album Art Inspiration Vacation class here.

I think it’s pretty obvious how this Jack Mackenroth dress inspired the page, right?

The inspiration from this Korto Momolu dress is a little less in-your-face. Yes, the prominent color in the page is green. That’s a no brainier. But look closely and you can see how the beads on the dress turn into the circles on the page. The asymitry was also a big influence.

This one is from my favorite Project Runway designer so far, Jeffrey Sebelia. The translation is pretty straight forward here, also.

This one is Jeffrey Sebelia inspired too. I did this page a long time ago, but I though it’d help to see one with pictures! You can link your pics up here or bring them to the store. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow night!