I’m excited that Category Stories is putting up two challenges a month now! Part 1 for February was to use “What I Love About ________”. Here’s what I came up with:

Title: What I love about you…

Sub-title: You are so silly

The journaling reads: are a sock thief, like to tinker with everything, pretty much only eat 5-year-old food, take funny self-portraits, are childlike with wonder, really know how to dance :), prefer to drink out of vases, jars, etc., make funny faces, order hot chocolate at coffeehouses, can play music on everything (including your head), move furniture randomly, draw cartoons & make a cute pouty face.

The prompt really inspired me to write down all of the funny, quirky things I love about Jake. When I stumbled upon these goofy photos, the match was perfect.

The category for Part 2 was “DATE NIGHT”. This inspired me to write about our first date, which I have no photos from.

Like how the journaling is framed in by a window because the movie was “Secret Window”? Eh, eh? I’m not going to reproduce the journaling because it is super long. You can mostly get the jist from the picture, right? You’re probably sick of all of the Jake pages, but what can I say? February makes me lovey-dovey, I suppose!