I know it’s mid-November, but I had to share our cute Halloween photos:

In my ongoing attempt to make everyone dress up together and like it, we were Frankenstein’s monster, Bride of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein (as in the mad scientist). I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get any great pictures of my hair, this really doesn’t do it justice. Oh well. After gluing bolts to Jake’s neck this year, I had to promise to make costume plans that do not include him next year. He’d rather be behind the scenes running the scariest house in the neighborhood. His Dad’s house comes complete with spooky music, strobe lights, a pop-up dummy and a air-softner that goes off when it pops up. Eliza was too freaked out to even stay in the house! We had to name the dummy Bob and tell her that Bob is her friend. She kept saying, “I don’t like Bob’s scary music, can we turn it off now?”

She was pretty darn funny trick-or-treating. We drove to see a lot of family members before going door-to-door in Abba and Papa Timmy’s neighboorhood, so she was under the impression that she was supposed to trade her already ridiculous stock of candy with the neighbors. She kept trying to hand her candy to the people that answered the door. Maybe she thought trick-or-treating was for more variety? We thought it was pretty funny. It also makes us feel like good parents to know that she’s that willing to share.

Jake’s Birthday was right before Halloween, so we surprised him Halloween cupcakes (which Eliza proudly decorated).

We’ve also been doing a lot of Thanksgiving related projects. I don’t want Christmas to come to the Anderson house until after Thanksgiving, so we’ve been making all sorts of Thanksgiving crafts… Eliza’s having the time of her life (and is very proud that she learned how to use scissors).

P.S. I’ll also share some of my seven Halloween layouts. I went a little overboard on the Halloween scrapbooking, but what can I say? I’m a slave to the ridiculously cute Halloween lines at the Page this year.