I spend most of my scrapping time with pictures and stories having to do with my immediate family (Eliza and Jake especially). Sometimes I get the urge to scrap about our extended family (mostly when Jake takes an incredible portrait). But lately I’ve realized that our friends are largely missing from my scrapbooks. So, to fill the gap with people important to us that make huge impacts on our lives…here are some pages dedicated to close friends:

Jessica (a.k.a. Goprin)

This page ended up 100% messy, but I like it anyway. The ribbon framing was scraplifted from somewhere…I don’t really remember which magazine. Next time I use a framing technique like this, I won’t use a photo that cuts off the subject’s head! I don’t care, this picture totally captures her personality!

Harvey the Angerball

Speaking of personality, the “angry scrunched nose” look couldn’t be anymore Harvey. I love this layout because it’s so versatile. You could easily substitute more photos for the patterned paper rectangles. This would also stretch to a double pager easily.


Jake took this portrait of our friend Steve at a lake, so I tried to keep the page natural. I slipped the journaling into the library card.


Hooray for hybrid! I used digital elements and printed out the picture and digital elements onto 8.5 x 11 photo paper (that’s as big as my printer goes). I then mounted it on traditional patterned paper, painted around the edge of the 12 x 12 and the 8.5 x 11. I then added a few traditional accents (flowers, chipboard stickers, etc.).

Hope this encourages you to scrap those missing in your record of your life!