This challenge for Say it in Scrap was to make your own challenge! I decided to distort my photos.

This is easy to do in Photoshop or other editing software with special effects. You can also distort photos manually by painting them, stamping on them, tracing them and doing your own effects, etc. I’ve done this manually with tracing paper before, which is much more time consuming, but worth the effort (will post the manual examples soon)!

“Five Faves”

The distortion in this photo is the “stamp” sketch filter in Photoshop CS3. This looks really good with urban photos/ cityscapes.
The pic is a beautiful self-portrait Jake did by putting the camera on the tripod and sticking the tripod in front of him. The more sophisticated version of the holding the camera out in front of you type of self-portrait, I suppose. The page is about his five fave bands for 2008, which happen to be Rancid, Sublime, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and Men, Women, and Children . I mainly used the July’s Red Velvet Kit for this page.

“96.5 the Buzz”

So….Eliza scribbled on this one, but I decided to let it be rather than fix it. As for the subject… I end up spending a lot of time with my radio station, so why not scrap it? The distortion is using HP Photosmart Edit, which came with my printer. I just messed with the edge sharpness, brightness, contrast, etc., until I had the look I wanted.