I tend to like the “kitchen sink” version of scrapbooking, with a single photo and a lot of fun things flying around, but lately I’ve been experimenting with a more linear and simple way of doing things. It’s fun to switch it up every once in awhile.

“Are You Sad Mom?”
I was watching the The Orphanage, a wonderful movie from Spain. I loved loved loved it, but it made me cry because I’m a sucker for good movies.

Eliza woke up during the last five minutes and said, “Are You Sad Mom? Are You Crying?” I told her it was okay but she hugged me and told me to turn that “sad moony” off. Taylor (my little sister) wanted to watch it the next day, but Eliza took one look at it and said , “No! Turn that moony off! That moony makes Mommy sad!” I don’t know what impressed me more, that she recognized the movie or that she cared about my feelings. But seriously, if you like thrillers that you will love this movie! I haven’t seen one so original in a long time!

“Car Cart”

One of our important everyday adventures is grocery shopping. I love summertime because I actually have time to cook, and Eli loves helping find the item that we are looking for (it’s sort of like i spy). But she ALWAYS has to have a car cart, or a meltdown could be near.

“I love Candy Necklaces”
I’ve been avoiding using this lace card stock by KI Memories. It is super pretty, but I don’t like the way it looks when you cut across it. To save this I cut off part of it so that none of the flowers were cut in half.

Hidden journaling is above. The way to Eliza’s heart is her stomach, and Papa has that one down with his candy necklace trick!


Eliza covered her entire room in baby powder. I didn’t get a picture of her room, but I figured I’d put her mug shot in her “file” and give the journaling a detective twist.

“Eliza Hearts Abba”
Showing Eliza’s relationship with her Abba. Abba is short for abolita, which means little grandmother.

“Little Train”
There’s a little restored train in our county run by train lovers that mostly remind me of Shriners. It originally was a zoo train. Eliza loves it! We went with Jake’s little sister Savannah.

“Piggy Tails”
I knew learning how to draw funny looking pigs in kindergarten would pay off. Jake did her hair. It’s a good thing he can figure it out because I am horrible at it.

“Scardey Cat”
I thought it would be a treat for Kiki to go outside, but he HATED it. He never snuggles, but he had his face buried in my elbow the entire time we were out there.

Eliza and her Uncle Nick (Jake’s brother) being silly.

“Super Hero”

We told Eliza to be a Viking, and without any prompt, this is what she did. Sure, she looks a little constipated, but it’s hilarious.

“You are Comfy”

Daddy dressed her, can you tell?