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M&K – Documenting Friendship


This month’s Nerd Nest Challenge is to Take Two. I’m using my extra ideas to create even more projects for My Details prompts, but you can use the challenge to go back through any class for a second take on assignments.

As I sat down to document a recent visit from my friend Kristin, I was inspired by one of the recent My Details prompts to start by documenting our relationship rather than just dive in to telling the story about what we did while she was here.

M&K - Document Your Friendships

I’m not very comfortable sharing my feelings in most instances, so writing my journaling as if it were a letter to Kristin was a huge help. I am totally fine sharing feelings if they are in a love note to a person I care about. I focused on how lucky I feel to have found her in the whole wide world of people. (Jake calls us soul ladies, and that’s how I feel.) I wrote about what we rock at doing together and the ways in which our friendship manifests. And also our plans for world domination, because obviously.

Making travel themed supplies work for a friendship scrapbooking layout

I used the Freckled Fawn Wanderlust kit for this layout, and I had fun translating the products, which at first glance are meant for travel, into support for a relationship page. It will be years until I’m traveling the world, so those cork stickers would be gathering dust if I were to use them for that purpose. Instead, I used them to support the themes “what a wonderful world” and “I found you in the vast world of people.”

I have other plans for the rest of those stickers: I’m documenting how amazing it is that My Details students are living all over the world / how the Internet connects friends by interest instead of geographical proximity. I’ll use the third sticker for a page about Eliza learning about the world. Remember that even themed products have a whole list of uses beyond the most obvious.

Layering using paper from a 6x6 pad

I used 6×6 paper pads (Basic Grey Highline and Capture pads) to layer the background on this layout. You can do a lot without 12×12 sized patterned paper–try mixing full sheets of paper from a 6×6 pads with paper split (4 inches and 2 inches or 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches). The paper placement I used it totally scrapliftable if you are trying using 6×6 pads for the first time!

Friendship layout with the Wanderlust Freckled Fawn kit

Make sure to check back next Monday for June’s Nerd Nest Challenge! (Remember that YOU can pitch a guest post if you’d like to join in on a challenge!). Share yours with the hashtag #NerdNestChallenge

I’ll be adding takes I find to the Nerd Nest Challenges Pinboard! Share your links to past challenges too so I can add them.

Document Your Teenage Bedroom

Make a page about your teenage bedroom | Nerd Nest Challenge

This month’s Nerd Nest Challenge is to Take Two. I’m using my extra ideas to create even more projects for My Details prompts, but you can use the challenge to go back through any class for a second take on assignments.

I was inspired by one of the recent My Details prompts to document my teenage bedroom. I knew I had this photo, but I was also excited to find a page in one of my journals which listed things in my room. It’s pretty cool that I did this exercise so long ago! Because of that journal entry, I was able to include some things I’d forgotten about.

Document the things in your teenage bedroom | Nerd Nest Challenge

I had fun putting this page together in a style that reflected my room. I matted the photo with washi tape for a messy look, combined soft and bold colors, and included shapes and themes found in the room.

I used the sticky notepads from the Wanderlust Freckled Fawn kit to list some of my favorite things found in my room. The kit is travel themed at first glance, but it can be used for so much more.

I also used Amy Tangerine paper and an old Elise Joy stamp.

What was in your teenage bedroom? | Nerd Nest Challenge

I’m so glad to have this addition in my album–I hope I can find a picture of my room at my mom’s too! Loving this also reminds me to take photos of my kids’ rooms once a year or so, as their spaces change as they grow.

Add like colored embellishments to a stripe on patterned paper | Nerd Nest Challenge

Make sure to check back on Mondays throughout the month for other takes from me and guests (remember that YOU can pitch a guest post!). Share yours with the hashtag #NerdNestChallenge

I’ll be adding takes I find to the Nerd Nest Challenges Pinboard! Share your links to past challenges too so I can add them. You don’t have to be a memory keeper in the traditional sense–these are great prompts for blog posts too!

February Reads | Pocket Scrapbooking 2015

Alter phrase cards to make them work for you

This year, I’m making weekly pocket scrapbooking spreads in addition to other forms of memory keeping, like monthly spreads for Day in the Life and thematic pages. I include monthly breaks in my album for all of the extra documenting I like to include over and above weekly documenting.

Click the photos for a larger view.

February Reads and Currently List Pocket Scrapbooking | The Nerd Nest

This page documents my Reads and my Currently lists for February.

I kept it really simple, with one card for the short version of what I thought of the books (cut down from a 4×6 card in the It Factor kit, as was the strip of hearts, for which I just cut the rounded parts off of a 3×4 card).

I took cues from my black sweatshirt and the black books with metallic lettering for the rest of the products: the letter pressed metallic cards from Studio Calico were perfect. The “be present” card wasn’t really relevant to my page, so I covered the “be” with a label sticker and wrote “at the” instead, to reinforce the Currently theme.

I kept the gold going with gold letter stickers (Dear Lizzy) on the acrylic hashtag from the Studio Calico kit I was using. Blocked letter stickers like this work great on translucent products, because the backwards letters won’t show through on the other side; just the block shape from the stickers. This will be much easier to work with when I make a page on the back with that hashtag.

Document what you are doing Currently

I love having these Currently + reads pages in my album every month! How do you make sure you get “you” in your memory keeping?

Supplies: rukristin Currently cards // Basic Grey Highline 6×6 paper pad // We R Memory Keepers It Factor journaling cards // Studio Calico Project Life kit // Becky Higgins Project Life journaling pens, Design N from Small Variety Pack 3 // Freckled Fawn label // Dear Lizzy letter stickers.

May Day in the Life

In 2013, I documented using Ali Edward’s Day in the Life concept monthly and it was one of my favorite projects ever. For the third year, I’m repeating the project. On the 4th of each month, I’m going to document my everyday life. I like having a set day because I won’t worry about finding a “representative” or “normal” day. Wherever the 4th falls, that’s what I’ll document. (In 2013 I documented the last day of the month, in 2014 I documented the 15th. This year, I let a random number generator decide.)

Here’s Monday, May 4:

May Day in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Blurs are our foster baby and Jonas’s friend.

Monday was Kristin‘s last full day here after an (almost) week long visit. We packed the weekend full of activities, so we decided to go the homebody route.

After we got Eliza off to school and Jake off to work, Jonas and I had cereal for breakfast and then set out to begin celebrating Star Wars Day with comics, the Lego Star Wars video game, and The Clone Wars on Netflix (we’d lent out our movie set).

Jonas totally loves Kristin and had trouble waiting for her to wake up. He kept sneaking in to check on her, but then she totally got him by pretending to be asleep and surprising him. We played with the kids in Jonas’s room, K taught Jonas some games on her phone, the baby emptied K’s suitcase, and Jonas tried to stow away.

While the baby was napping we got a bit of work done, which meant uploading photos and prepping blog posts, checking in that the first day of My Details was going smoothly, and planning our future world domination.

Paul came over and had lunch with us. I made penne with five cheese marinara and really good Italian sausage, which has been my go-to weeknight meal if we’re going to get home late. We caught up with what’s been going on in our lives and talked current events and politics.

Then some more working for Kristin, reading (Children of Dune) and baby playing for me, and playing with his bestie and Nintendo NS for Jonas.

When Jonas’s friend went home and Eliza got back from school, they set up a snack experiment (something to do with mixing cereals–but they were definitely recording observations) and then they played in the back yard. They were cleaning the plastic car toy with a toothbrush, but ended up getting the kitchen all dirty trekking from the backyard to the downstairs bathroom for water.

I made Tequila Lime Chicken (without tequila) with spanish rice and guacamole for dinner. Then we sent the kids off to bed. Jake, Kristin, and I watched Pitch Perfect (which was fantastic, it was my first time seeing it) and Kristin and I stayed up late talking about education issues until the stomach problems I was having got to be too much for me. Then I read, like, two pages before falling asleep.

8 Journaling Tips | #NNDailyTip

8 Journaling Tips | The Nerd Nest

Last summer, I began sharing a daily(ish) memory keeping tip on my Instagram under the hashtag #NNDailyTip. I recently decided to stick with a weekly(ish) theme for those tips, which I’ll then collect and share here!

Here are 8 of my tips for journaling:

Use a packaging background for for die cuts or chipboard shapes and add journaling in the spaces. #nndailytip

A photo posted by Megan Anderson (@megan_nerdnest) on

Who needs straight lines? Try journaling in the diagonal on striped paper. #nndailytip

A photo posted by Megan Anderson (@megan_nerdnest) on

Sometimes going back to a place can refresh your memories for more detailed journaling of the past. #nndailytip

A photo posted by Megan Anderson (@megan_nerdnest) on

What are your favorite journaling tips?

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May Challenge | Take Two

My Details Bonus Prompt - Thinking | Challenge Yourself to Take Two on the Nerd Nest

Welcome to the monthly Nerd Nest Memory Keeping Challenge!

This month, your challenge is to Take Two.

My Details begins today, and I have all sorts of ideas for the prompts that didn’t make the class cut. So I want to make additional layouts for them!

If you are taking the workshop, you might want motivation to create your plan B too! If you aren’t, take this month’s challenge as an opportunity to create another project for a past class, Nerd Nest Challenge, or a repeat of a subject you’ve documented before.

Document Your Internet Search History

Today, I’m sharing my take for the bonus My Details prompt Thinking.

I wanted to record how I use search engines to answer things I think / wonder about. I used my search history to select a few recent things I’ve looked up online. I then took screen shots of the results and wrote down the questions I had that lead me to these searches.

What questions do you think about and how do you find the anwers? Great subject for a scrapbooking layout!

Make sure to check back on Mondays throughout the month for other takes from me and guests (remember that YOU can pitch a guest post!). Share yours with the hashtag #NerdNestChallenge

I’ll be adding takes I find to the Nerd Nest Challenges Pinboard! Share your links to past challenges too so I can add them. You don’t have to be a memory keeper in the traditional sense–these are great prompts for blog posts too!

My Details (inter)National Scrapbooking Day

My Details Bonus Prompt

Kristin and I are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day–My Details style!

The new prompts for My Details, which helps you get YOU into your documenting, start Monday, May 4. But we’re kicking off this weekend with a bang!

We’re doing a live chat with students tomorrow (weigh in on the private Facebook group on times if you’ve signed up), we’re sharing extra bonus takes to the 2014 prompts (all of which are available in pre-class), AND, to give you a taste of what the class entails, we’re hosting a public bonus prompt. Anyone can play along! We’re excited to see the community come together to share their takes.

The bonus prompt is:


Here are my 2014 takes on the prompt, but I’m sharing an all new project using the prompt tomorrow!

The prompt Thinking might seem pretty simple, but there are so many ways to use it. You can use one of these suggestions to document the prompt or you can come back and do several of them!

Here are a few ways to use the prompt thinking:

  • Document what has been on your mind lately
  • Write about how your brain works (I’ve shared some pages about this in the pre-classroom!)
  • Reflect on your thoughts on a specific topic, current event, or belief
  • List things you used to obsess over
  • Use a pie chart to represent how much of your thoughts are dedicated to the things you think about most
  • Use this prompt as positive self talk and write about why you think you’re awesome
  • As an emotional release, write down the things you think about that bother you. Sometimes getting thoughts out on paper can give them less real estate in your head
  • Write about your personal philosophy: what you think about the world around you and the big questions
  • Interpret how your upbringing or culture affects the way you think
  • Your own take on the prompt

To help you along deciding how you want to interpret the prompt, here are my 2014 takes:

My Details Blog Hop

My Details Blog Hop

This first take is about my present thoughts. I integrated the journaling for the prompt into a Project Life spread for the last few days of March. The photo of me working at the computer spurred memories of things I had been thinking about lately: why I document, how I share, and the benefits and risks associated with both.

The journaling is very simple, but it helped mark my personal growth in my quest for balance between my professional and family life.

Also, notice that I started my journaling with “Lately I’ve been thinking…” This is an excellent starter if the words aren’t flowing! Write in paragraph form around a theme as I did or write a list to include several things you’ve been thinking of!

My Details Blog Hop

My Details Blog Hop

All of my prompts in the workshop this round are documenting my childhood and teenage years, but I was on a 2009/2010 kick last year, so I decided to document my thoughts during that era. (If we’re being honest, it’s partially because I wanted a good excuse to use that photo.)

I don’t remember a whole lot about the flow of my days in 2009, partially because they were jam packed and I didn’t get much sleep. I really wish I had documented more of the everyday things then, but I’m happy that I have something and I can use what I have to record what I CAN remember before I lose that too.

For the journaling on the page, I started with a milestone marker as a frame of reference for the thoughts I wanted to record. My family had just moved into a loft and it’s much easier for me to remember in terms of big events like that than in dates. I began with the starter, “Things on my mind then:” and listed everything I could think of that I know was on my mind in 2009. I just wrote as things came in my mind, but what I ended up creating was an awesome word picture of the things that made up my life in that year: scrapbooking, teaching my then 3-year-old daughter Eliza pre-school concepts, selling vintage and handmade items on Etsy, what to do with the sociology degree I was working on, my novel manuscript, making the most of limited time with my husband Jake, loving living across the street from a coffee shop, and learning new things. This list isn’t EVERYTHING that I thought of during the year and isn’t even all-inclusive for the most important things (I tend to just write until I run out of room). But it’s a great starter for telling deeper stories about all of these various things that were on my mind during the fuzziest year of my adult life.

Tip: Instead of pulling products that illustrated the things I was thinking about, I used products that mimic the feel of my life at the time. The background paper very much reminds me of a bird’s eye view of the River Market District where we lived, and the buildings represent the lovely Kansas City skyline views from outside my loft and the connection I had with downtown while I lived there. I like that the journaling is a metaphorical “where I was at in 2009″ and the papers are a literal take on the same theme.

My Details Bonus Thinking Prompt Blog Hop

If you want to see more ideas for this prompt from last year, check out 2014′s Thinking Blog Hop. That’s Kristin’s past take above.

Don’t forget to share your take on this bonus prompt tomorrow for (inter)National Scrapbooking Day! Comment with a link to your take or tag your take with #MyDetailsClass on social media so we can find it!

Sign up for My Details for 20 more prompts like this one and over 80 unique, exclusive projects inspired by the prompts!

April Day in the Life | Pocket Scrapbooking 2015

Record monthly Day in the Life with pocket scrapbooking - The Nerd Nest

On the 4th of each month in 2015, I’m documenting a Day in the Life, a concept originated by Ali Edwards. Each month, I’m adding a full spread for Day in the Life in between weekly spreads into my pocket scrapbooking album.

Here’s April Day in the Life:

Click the photos for a larger view.

Day in the Life pocket scrapbooking ideas | The Nerd Nest

All those blurs are our foster baby.

Day in the Life | Pocket Scrapbooking 2015 | The Nerd Nest

I didn’t have many pockets left for journaling, so I knew I’d need to go typed. I grabbed the cards from the Ready Set Go Value Kit that matched the dominant colors from the photos along the outer edge. I knew that only the edge would show up under my typed journaling blocks, so the rest of the card design didn’t matter.

Take pictures of your shopping for Day in the Life | The Nerd Nest

All photos on this side, with the groceries photo split over two pockets to accommodate the square pockets.

Hide photos little ones can't see with a flip pocket - The Nerd Nest

One of the photos I included was Eliza and Jake filling Easter eggs with Legos, so I made that one a flip pocket so the surprise won’t be ruined by any little eyes scanning through the album.

Set your alarms next Monday if you are playing along! Or, if you’d rather, Ali Edwards is doing it May 12.

Selected Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Ready Set Go Value Kit, Design S from Variety pack 5 page protector, Design P from Variety pack 4 // Basic Grey Grey Micro Mono Alpha Stickers // Freckled Fawn washi tape // Garamond font.

New Recipe Template Sets!

Put your recipes in a DIY book -- awesome heirloom + super organized!

Allie of Alexandra Rae Design and I designed new Recipe Template Sets together!

I absolutely love my homemade recipe book–I use it almost every day. I’m excited for this update to my book (the new cover pages are way fancier) and I’m excited that there’s more variety for you to choose from!

Make your own DIY recipe book!

What’s new with the sets?

We have more size options–sets now come with half letter and 6×8 templates in addition to standard letter size.

We have new designs–sets come with all new cover pages, digital papers, and digital card sets. If recipes aren’t your thing but you still like the designs, you can buy the papers and cards separately as well.

Choose from three editions: Strawberry Shortcake, Salt and Pepper, and Summer Vegetables. Or get it all with the MEGA pack!

Patterned dividers for DIY recipe book

Cover pages for DIY recipe book sections

Journaling cards for documenting food memories!

Document new reicpes you've tried - recipe templates

I’m excited to share lots of projects using this stuff with you over the next month. I have a big update for my recipe book, lots of new recipes added to this year’s 52 Recipes project, and traditional and pocket scrapbooking pages made with the papers and cards as well!

I hope you love making projects with these as much as I have!















April Garden Update

Irisies | The Nerd Nest Gardening

The year, I’m going to share monthly gardening updates! At the end of April, things aren’t looking too exciting in my little urban garden. But I think looking at the progress will be interesting. Keeping a gardening record also helps me learn what works and what doesn’t.

Gardening in my little urban shaded yard is tricky, so I try to work with what I’ve got. The results are a little silly looking, but thankfully my neighbors couldn’t care less.

In April, the prettiest thing in my yard are these irises, which are on their way out. These were a nice came-with-the-house surprise.

Peas  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

My budget is smaller this year, so I’m working on growing more things from seed. I’ve had wonderful luck with peas in the past (though Jonas eats them all before I can get them inside), so we planted those again. I need to make little fences for them to climb on now that they’ve poked up!

Container Gardening  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

I’ve also got seeds going in containers–I planted milkweed to help out the Monarch butterflies (I got donation based seeds here! You have to plant the right kind for your area.) and carrots. Carrots need soil that is much richer than anything I’m going to get in my yard, so they are great for container gardening. I just added some drainage holes to a big plastic tote and added the seeds in! This worked last year, but the bunnies and squirrels got them. This year I’ll be ready for ‘em.

Lemon balm  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

Chocolate Mint Returns | The Nerd Nest Gardening

I’m also waiting to see what comes back on the herbs front. So far the lemon balm and chocolate mint have come out of hibernation.

Find your sunny spot and get silly with it  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

The most happenin’ gardening spot right now is this little corner. It gets the most sun, so it gets the most plants.

Thornless Blackberries  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

The thornless blackberry vines we planted a few years ago should be producing this year.

Pumpkin  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

Lots of pie pumpkin seeds sprouted in our compost, so we planted a few and gave the rest to our neighbor.

Sunflower | The Nerd Nest Gardening

Jonas picked out a few things to plant from the hardware store. He wanted sunflowers (not sure if that will work).

Strawberries  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

He also picked out strawberries, which go in our buried container here.

Raised bed with concrete blocks  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

This will be my lettuce spot! I need to clean up my raised concrete beds from last year.

Starting Indoors  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

I also have a few things started indoors. I love cooking with basil, but it isn’t warm enough for it outside yet. And I’ve been using Pinterest tricks for growing from scraps to re-grow a few things–the romaine is coming along really well!

Urban Garden  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

Urban Gardening  | The Nerd Nest Gardening

It’s a slower start than usual, but we’ll have herbs aplenty and produce alittle before we know it!

This year it’s my goal to complete 52 Projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain might venture into. They might be collaborative or independent. The point is to MAKE. I’m numbering in the order these projects are shared.

This is project 8 of 52! Check out the other projects: 1: Class Quilt / 2: Valentines with Eliza / 3: Crabitat / 4-7: Refinishing Our Hardwood Floors + Other Room Updates.